Useful commands and Server Information for all players

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Useful commands and Server Information for all players

Post by T_1K » Mon May 11, 2020 11:32 pm

Marketplace at Spawn :diamondgem:

- Players can buy and sell goods at the Stock Market and Auction House located at /spawn

- To list items in the Auction House, while standing in the Marketplace at /spawn type /ah sell <price>. This will list the item(s) in your hand on the Auction House for other players to buy.

To see your economy balance type /bal

To see the top balances on the server type /baltop

Top pay a player type /pay <username> <amount>

Chat System :paper:

To send a private message to a player type /msg <playername> <your message>

To quickly reply to the last player you sent a msg to type /r <your message>

Setting Homes :bed:

To teleport to a home you have set type /home <homename>

Each player can set 5 homes. To set a home which you can teleport back to type /sethome <homename>

To delete a home type /delhome <homename>

To view a list of the home names you have set type /homes

Teleporting :enderpearl:

To teleport to spawn type /spawn

To request to teleport to a players location type /tpa <playername>

To request a player to teleport to your location type /tphere <playername>

To accept a teleport request type /tpaccept

To deny a teleport request type /tpdeny

To teleport to a random location (max 5 uses) type /wild

Claiming and Protecting Land :goldshovel:

- Claim land using a golden shovel.

- Check land claims by using a stick

- Players get 1000 claim blocks per hour and can hold 30000 at a single time

- Claims expire if the owner does not login for 90 days

- Here is a video with information on claiming land:

To grant a player edit permission to your claim(s) type /trust <playername>

To grant a player access to your claims containers, crops, animals, bed, buttons, and levers, type /containertrust <playername>

To grant a player entry to your claim(s) type /accesstrust <playername>

To grant a player permission to grant their level of permission to others type /permissiontrust <playername>

To lists the permissions for the claim you are standing in type /trustlist

To revoke a players permissions to your claim type /untrust <playername>

The Nether and The End :dragonegg:

- Unlike the overworld, items will drop in the end and the nether if you die.

Rules and Server Message Of The Day :book:

Read our server rules by typing /rules

To read the message of the day again type /motd

Server Staff List :rawfish:


Junior Moderators: